Omniality: Graphic Design

Aperio Consulting Group LLC

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The Aperio Consulting Group is a workforce development shop now operating from Montana but involved in efforts to improve the lives of employees and job-seekers, and the bottom-lines of employers, nationwide.

Aperio (pronounced ah-per-EE-o) needed a logotype that would primarily spread knowledge of its name, given the agreed-upon understanding that workforce development consulting does not lend itself readily to iconography or an emblem the way, say, a bakery or a bar might. Material such as business cards and briefing packets would spread knowledge of the website address.

An initial attempt to help users pronounce the name was quickly dropped. A subsequent concept for an accompanying emblem would indicate a previously diverging path joining a larger path, and that path changing (both in direction and color) as it progressed. This would indicate independence but not ignorance, and a desire to "join the ranks" of those looking to improve upon efforts in the field.

Colors were chosen at request of the client after a survey of other organizations doing similar work. The font is of the Franklin Gothic series.

You can find the website for Aperio Consulting Group LLC here.