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A Lush In Rio

Final Logotype, Full Color Final Logotype, Unobtrusive Business Card Trial Mascot Profile Art

A Lush In Rio started as my idea in July 2006 to self-publish comedic writing; this after being rejected regularly by McSweeney's Internet Tendency, probably with good reason. The site continued in fits and starts over the course of two years, with great support from other contributors as well as people behind the scenes, working on a customized content management system.

The logo's right-hand side evokes a martini glass, a nod to the tippler suggested in the site's title, screamed in block lettering. In fact, "a lush in rio" is an anagram of the word "hilarious" if one adds an "n." There's no real reason behind the "n" except that it makes the title work. The logotype also maintains the dusky red inspired by a photo I saw of the Christ the Redeemer statue (located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Other original items created for the website included a filter-heavy image of the site's mascot, nicknamed (and occasionally outrightly referred to as) Sir Lysander Olmsburger. His purported obsession with "meat" informed the business card trial, which would've done away with standard information in favor of an SEO plan that would support a user simply searching the internet as the card suggests.

A Lush In Rio is like that car on cinder blocks on my front lawn, but that doesn't make the jokes there less funny. They do that on their own. I have some plans for revitalizing the site that still need polishing, but still, you can find the site here.