Omniality: Graphic Design

Miscellaneous Work

Original Omniality Logo, 2002 Original Logo Wireframe M42 Logo Trial TPF Logo Trial Grease Pencil Logo Trial Section 528 Blog Logo

Over the years, I've noodled about with friends on a couple of ideas, and had a couple on my own. I've displayed them here primarily because they're fun for me to review; hopefully the ideas behind them aren't total clunkers, and some gazing at them will reveal new paths.

The Omniality logos date back to the conception of the term (2002), and some long-lost version of Adobe Illustrator. Note the heavy and generally pointless use of gradients.

M42 (2006-2007) was to serve as a website-as-salon, which would publish new content once a month for a week to friends, detailing latest work, discussions on a single piece of art (a book or painting or album), and details on a gathering that would be held, then discussed the following month. Its name drew inspiration from the "secret" sub-basement located under Grand Central Terminal. Typography reached for a clean, urban look; the reduced opacity of the "M" was a direct nod to the secrecy the site was to command. Expanded use of Facebook made this idea redundant.

The Post-Familiar and Grease Pencil were conceived in 2008 as artists-reviewing-artists sites, for all arts and for drawing, respectively. Both logos were quick work-ups that served solely as placeholders in wireframes; a lack of funding in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis scuttled both projects.

Section 528 was my baseball blog for a few years, focused on the activities of the New York Mets. The title referenced the section I once held regular tickets to at Citi Field in Willets Point, Queens. The colors are matched to the team's orange and blue, and the dish style reflects the seating signs displayed through the park. A busier work schedule made keeping up with writing the blog difficult, and I closed it a couple years ago.