Omniality: Graphic Design

Seamus Sprague

Seamus Sprague Logotype Seamus Sprague First Page Letterhead Seamus Sprague Other Pages Letterhead Seamus Sprague Business Card Trial 01 Seamus Sprague Business Card Trial 02

Toward the end of 2009, I considered developing a graphic design concern with a couple of fellow hobbyists. The name Seamus Sprague was, and is, without any real meaning, but the Old English look and fussy 1800s feel seemed to appeal to all of us.

On a lark I threw together the logomark, a seal using the Old English font (called, appropriately enough, Olde English) and a tying together of two capital "s"s, and some speculative letterhead and business cards.

What we would've done with those cards is anyone's guess, but they look okay.

The brand remains available, if you'd like it. If you've got a vintage dresswear shop you'd like to open in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I imagine it'd be perfect for that. Unless I find I can pay for it in pocket change, I'll be shutting the site when the domain expires in March 2013.