Omniality: Graphic Design

Tight Magazine Website

Tight Magazine Website Trial Screencap 01 Tight Magazine Website Trial Screencap 02 Tight Magazine Website Trial Screencap 03

I was asked by close friends to develop a website for their poetry magazine, Tight, in 2008. The magazine became prohibitively expensive to produce around the same time, and that paired with other issues meant its founding editors would move on.

Tight had a wonderfully clean design and I hoped to carry that through to its website, using the same fonts it sported in its print edition, and leaving big, bold links that would scroll away as one read the piece, which was often longer than any static container would reasonably allow. The effect would have been akin to clearing one's desk space before setting to work.

Tight's online presence seems to have lain untouched since 2009, but you can find archived posts here.