Omniality: Graphic Design

Widows Walk Media

Tall Grass Media Logotype Trial 01 Tall Grass Media Icon Tall Grass Media Logotype Trial 02 Widows Walk Media Logotype Widows Walk Media Website Trial Screencap

In early 2009, I was asked by a friend to develop a logo and website to promote his sound engineering services. He sought a brand that reflected his northern New England roots.

I linked the original name, Tall Grass Media, with a simple line drawing of a stalk of long grass. The tree icon would've been implemented in the menu background, its fill color rising and falling depending on the menu option a user selected.

A sleeker, more modern vibe was requested, and that was achieved in the revised Tall Grass Media logotype, trading a serif font for sans serif, and pairing it with a more abstract, and more vibrant, stalk of grass.

That stalk of grass inspired a name and concept change, trading the grass imagery for imagery evoked by the sea and shore. New logos and concepts were requested around the concept of a widow's walk: the deck at the top of a northern seaside home where a wife could watch the horizon for the return of her husband. I paired this with an abstracted head of a weather vane. The site's operation would become the underpinnings for this site.

To date, I don't know if Widows Walk Media holds a web presence. Northern New England called my friend back and, last I heard, he was working at a maritime museum. If he launches a site, I will post the link here.