Omniality: Poetry


I put out a book in 2014 called ALL TIMES EASTERN, which you can learn more about here.


Good Stuff (Published)

Other Rooms Press

From Your Father, If He's In His Sixties And You're In Your Thirties | Gyre Eleven | Carriage Barn | Union For Wounds Of The Face; Union For Wounds Of The Head | Inclines | Alabama Lot | Occasioned By Your Thirty-Seventh, Part Four

The Equalizer, Second Series
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Stacy, Fail To The Ace | Tattoo You | You Make Me Feel Like Danson

The Hell Do They Know? (Not Published)


I'd No Idea | After The Feast Of August 27th | Miracles | FCC


Found | Edenday | Draft | Anoun


Shone A Light On You | 30 | Torres | Trestle | Even Trials | Hauled | What He Said