OFC HRS 12 Album Art.png

You may be new here, so here's the deal:

  • I build a playlist (which you see on the right).

  • You enjoy the playlist (or not, as you will).

  • Sometimes I write things, and they'll be evocative of the playlist, or inspired by the playlist; sometimes they'll have nothing to do with the playlist, in an attempt to shake free of one rut or another.

The first eleven episodes also included audio, and were delivered to friends. As I progress through this exercise (make no mistake, this is largely an exercise, but I think a valuable one for me), I may make those episodes available to the general public, as I have here.

I certainly don't own the music in the playlists, and make no claim on the tracks by simply stating that if one were to listen to them in the order presented, they might enjoy themselves. However, I do make all claim to the original work presented via text, photograph, PDF, or embedded audio. Copyright Omniality, et cetera.

What follows below are the first twenty pages of a spec script for the first episode of the fourth season of a show called LASTLAND. The characters and concept date back to 2002 and 2013, respectively; the pages below were drafted in March, 2021. (If you had access to previous OFC HRS entries, you may begin on page 12.)