OFC HRS 13 Album Art.png

There is a song on this playlist that holds a very particular place in my heart. I heard it at a bar I stopped into one night because it looked as though it'd been dipped in amber and lit from below, not above. Inside worked a deejay, and people danced. The deejay played the song and I felt that swift chemistry of light, sound, and contentedness that is all too rare and leaves one warm.

In that state, I'm loathe to speak with anyone, to say nothing of even moving from whatever sway I find myself attempting. But I was transfixed here in a time before Shazam; before the internet not only could tell you things you wanted to know, but told you things you didn't know you wanted to know. So I had little choice but to leave my seat and ask the deejay what song they'd chosen to play. They told me without hesitation, and I made a point to make a note on paper, and stick that piece of paper in the pocket of an undershirt, and lay it out carefully when I returned home, so that I might find it the following morning. The internet was just good enough for that.

Yet I could not find it. Over the course of sixteen (!) years, I marveled at what dreck hit the internet, while leaving this track confined to uploads on YouTube that'd disappear in days, and more complete vinyl collections than I'll ever lay my hands on. So what a relief to find it available now.

I hope you enjoy "Cry Of A Dreamer" as much as I do. It's a twilight song. It's a "drive the highway by the bay at night" song. It's a song to sway to.

What follows below are the first twenty-four pages of a spec script for the first episode of the fourth season of a show called LASTLAND. The characters and concept date back to 2002 and 2013, respectively; the pages below were drafted in March, 2021.


(For those who read through OFC HRS 12, new material begins on page 21/25, as the counter flies.)