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I can make a confession, several years removed, that I first became certain that a person's curiosity attracts me most strongly--stronger than appearance;  stronger than the intelligence that comes with study or straight memorization of facts and figures (which is the same to me as having a prodigious memory, if you sense my slight disdain)--while out on a date with someone else.

Less a date; more a function. But conversation is good and conversation revealing of a thirst is better, and to talk science and progress after an hour of... whatever people who've known each other for some time talk about... well, it's simply a relief. The date could have gone better. The function was a function. I largely don't care for those.

I don't regret it, though nothing happened at all between she and I, and there would be other dates I'd make with that largely uncurious person. I don't regret learning something about myself and applying that knowledge immediately: trying to make a go of what I had going; finding that failed, seeking it repeatedly since; failing over and over again. Failure is fine with an honest try and I think people forget that rule applies to everything because there are so many other facets of life right now that are lacking. We need our patience for holding onto what we have, and fear the cold of the unknown. 


But the unknown can be beautiful. Songs in unlearned languages can send your ear searching for connections. This beauty to that. If your ear is curious.

What follows below are the first thirty pages of a spec script for the first episode of the fourth season of a show called LASTLAND. The characters and concept date back to 2002 and 2013, respectively; the pages below were drafted in March, 2021.


(For those who read through OFC HRS 13, new material begins at the very end of page 25 of 31 on the counter.)